Growing Artfinder’s Content and User Engagement with Creative Commons

, July 19th, 2012

Artfinder is a UK start up, based in London which enables you to discover, experience and share art to build your own online art profile. Artfinder also enables users to submit their own images and essays about other artworks and license them with a Creative Commons licence.

This is a guest blog post from Jen Bayne, Artfinder’s Assoicate Marketing Manager about Artfinder and why Creative Commons is key to the organisation and their users. Read More…

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Khan Academy on @BBCClick

, June 26th, 2012

Khan Academy, the non-profit online educational video site has been featured by @BBCClick in this interesting short video about Khan and the ‘flipped classroom

Salman Khan with Bill Gates, photo by Steve Jurvetson

Salman Khan with Bill Gates, photo by Steve Jurvetson

A few memorable quotes from the video include: Read More…

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Dan Bull Reaches Charts Using CC0

, April 30th, 2012

Dan Bull has reached number 9 in the Indie charts with music to which he has waived copyright using CC0.

Dan Bull.  Photo by Tim Dobson

Dan Bull. Photo by Tim Dobson

Dan Bull (@itsdanbull), the British Geek rapper who found fame by using YouTube for distributing his rap videos such as SOPA Cabana, has achieved chart success by commercially releasing his new track ‘Sharing is Caring,’ whilst also making it available for free legal downloads. You can either buy it from ITunes, Amazon et al or legallydownload a copy for free. Read More…

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Youth and Open Educational Resources

, April 16th, 2012

This is a great video from @youthandmedia which is a @berkmancenter project on how young people are learning online using and creating open resources.

One of the learners talks about how her school doesn’t approve of Wikipedia but she uses it as a starting point and uses the references from the Wikiepedia article to carry out further research and study. Read More…

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Is Open Access Going Mainstream?

, April 10th, 2012

The Guardian and BBC Radio 4’s Today’s programme have featured the growing momentum in the Open Access debate in the UK.

The Guardian piece ‘Wellcome Trust joins ‘academic spring’ to open up science’ by Alok Jha makes reference to the Cost of Knowledge protest against Elsevier as well as featuring Sir Mark Walport from the Wellcome Trust.

Sir Mark Walport, Wellcome Trust Sir Mark Walport, Wellcome Trust Read More…

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